Spread the love is an original shooter, created for those who like and war and have fun at the same time. Funny little men, amazing weapons and many other things are waiting for you inside!

How to play :

The main goal in is to score as many points as possible, to become the leader of the overall standings and to hold the championship. You can kill here in several ways. You can fall into the abyss, you can be killed by rivals. The game world is small enough, so be careful! Pleases the system of jumping. To jump, press the button W. You can jump unlimited number of times, but other players can prevent and knock you into the abyss. Having begun to fall heavily, you will not be able to jump and die. So in and I better stick to the ground. The cartridges in Ukoman io have different properties. So, when faced with the patrons of other players, they can behave like heavy weights, simply falling down. From the walls, cartridges can ricochet. In this case, if you simply shoot in a straight line, then they fly forward until they reach their limit of range. Falling in on top of the players do not kill the head, but push you into the abyss. For their killing you are credited with points. Head is falling constantly. Colored points that remain for a while after their death can not even be attempted to collect, you earn points for the very fact of killing heads or other players.

Control: WASD for movement

Spacebar to shoot

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