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Another novelty in the world is io. The game “Unicorn.ac” – the adventures of pony-unicorns. Choose your own character and go on a trip. In the game arena, your hero is surrounded by a whole company of hearts that follow him steadily. If you collect them, you can restore health and gain strength for the attack. In order to see the movement of the enemy, it is better to use the map on the left.
Then there is a guarantee that the enemy will not be taken by surprise, and you can prepare for defense and attack. You will play with your mouse, determining the direction of movement, and using your left horn to apply your horn. The game “Unicorn.ac” is very sweet and beautiful. In this case, for sure, like boys and girls, as these charming fabulous creatures are very cute, and the pink background and hearts make the confrontation amusing and quite harmless.

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