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Game «» – the fastest multiplayer with the participation of the spinner. An excellent choice of different models and modifications, a huge speed of spinning and fierce battles with numerous rivals – all this is abundant. To play longer and score the maximum number of points, kill competitors and collect sweet colored donuts that are scattered around the arena. After striking at the enemy, he explodes and crumbles into even bigger bagels. Picking them up, you will get a significant advantage.
You should adhere to a specific strategy of fighting, avoiding a more powerful enemy and hunting for small ones. In addition, there are many different accelerators that will increase your chances of winning and surviving. You can find them on the surface. Control the movement of the mouse, left click – untwist, and space – accelerate. Track your RPM level at the bottom of the screen. The game “” is in the process of testing, in the future it is supposed to add two more game modes and other objects.

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