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Voxar.io is a three-dimensional art canvas. We already have a two-dimensional space, and now welcome to the three-dimensional art object, where you can create your own atmosphere with all your needs, alone or with friends. Voxar.io is in active development, so updates and innovations can be added. Simple rules, accessibility, and scope for creativity – that’s what makes Voxar io attractive. How to play: To play Voxar.io you need only a computer and the Internet – this is especially noted by the creator of the project. The gaming challenge is to express yourself in an almost infinite spatial 3D field. To meet here with friends for collaborative modeling, you can copy the link with your coordinates. To do this, click on the Tools icon (the far right) and there will be a link with your current location. In addition, Voxar.io remembers your cookies and when you re-enter the game you will start where you left off last time. While there are not so many players in Voksar, there is hope to find their turrets and houses in the same condition in which you left them. From the building materials, Voxar.Io offers exclusively cuboid figures with a fairly rich color palette. For convenience and some customization in the game, there are several options for reviewing how you will look at this game. The control in Voxar.io is made for convenience by a special line of tools. You can switch both the mouse and hot numbers: View – the mode of the free camera.Build – the construction mode. Pick – an eyedropper to take the color you like. Destroy – the mode of destruction of cubes

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