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Wanderers.io tells us about the difficult life of a wild tribe in conditions of increased competition for survival. This original game will please you with animation, the possibility of pumping and an endless battle with the barbarians.

How to play: The main task in Wanderers.io is to pump your tribe quantitatively and qualitatively. Subsequently, for the war with other tribes, savage barbarians and the extraction of resources, players are awarded points. If your tribe is destroyed, then as a result you will be informed how many points you earned in the vastness of the Wanderers.io In the very beginning you are given two people of the tribe; one of them has a bow, the other has an ax. Your little men act automatically, and for their movement on the map such a method is thought up: you need to take the totem cursor and move it. The obedient population will run after the totem, having time to be distracted on the way to collecting the wallowing resources and the fight. Such a menu you see on the left. The top icon indicates a fire; it is needed to treat your residents. A sign below is a new person. To put a new person on the field you will need 2 meals; you need to click on the icon and then on the active game window. And here the fun begins, because the new resident does not know how to do anything yet! You can give him in the hands or an ax, then he will become a woodcutter and will cut down trees for harvesting the resource “tree” or you can give him a bow, and then a new resident will become an archer. To retrain people afterwards is impossible. And in order to arm them, you need to click on the icon of an ax / bow, and then put this object directly in the hands of a little man. The fire, the first item on this list, deserves special attention. It allows you to replenish people’s health in exchange for the food that you have. In order to use it, you need 1) to put it, 2) to light it. When your people sit around the fire, they will fly out of the fire fried useful meat. So it looks like a strip with new skills that you can pump out when you get a new level in Wanderers.io. The first four subjects: an ax, a sword, a braid and a dagger are used to specialize residents. With the help of an ax, you can extract gold coins from large stones. A warrior with a sword will be terrible in battle. A person with a scythe will be able to mow the grass bunches to harvest usefulness, and a man with a dagger will fight with the enemies, protecting his fellow tribesmen. Other upgrades also help in the life of the tribe. The last upgrade in this series is especially interesting: the cross of the missionary. He gives your tribe immunity to the attacks of the barbarians – they simply will not bother you anymore. But at the same time you can not earn experience by fighting with them, and you will not be able to extract resources where there are barbarians nearby. A controversial skill that protects you from a constant and strong threat on the one hand, but deprives several opportunities for growth on the other. All controls in the Wanderers.io and through the mouse. Residents perform the duties automatically. Move the totem, and people will follow it.

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