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Warbot.io is a game in a very realistic 3d space. Excellent graphics and detailed traced characters will please all connoisseurs of robots and good mixing.

How to play :

As such, the tasks in Warbot.io and two. The first is to open all locked robots in order to play in them. To do this, you need to fight well in the arena, collecting gold coins along the way, for which new robots open. In order to fight well, you need to use several simple tricks. The first is to collect red and blue badges. In fact, there are no negative bonuses in Warbot.io, so everything you see needs to be taken. Red gear icons give you a pumping through attack skills, and blue adds pluses to defense skills. It is necessary to develop both. Bonuses appear on the map just like that, randomly, drop out of dead rivals and in large amounts are generated in the center of the card by a special generator. To find this generator, look at the mini-card in the lower right corner, it is marked with a blue dot. Small robots are crawling along the map. If such a blow, then it will drop a special bonus, helping in the battle. This is Shield, Armor, Dron and others. Fall into the crevices is impossible – death. The bot bot control was implemented in an original way. To do this, you must simultaneously go to WASD and use the arrows to view the terrain. And when your sight became when you point at the enemy red – boldly shoot!

Controls: WASD to move

Arrow keys Right and Left to rotate the camera overview

Up arrow for shooting

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