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Warpix.io ​​is a shooter in the style of Minecraft. You will need to run around on the map, collect magic mushrooms and strive for unlimited power in the arena!
How to play :

The main task in Warpix.io is ​​to become the coolest mage. In the upper left corner you see a blue bar of your experience. In order to gain experience, you need to collect the blue mushrooms on the field and kill other players. For each level, you will receive your character’s pumping points.

The most basic skill in Warpix.io, which is absolutely necessary to pump for a good game is getting more experience. This skill can be pumped several times, and we recommend taking it every time it hits you. With it, you multiply the experience you have gained. So, when you take those one mushroom, you are credited with 1 experience. With the skill doubled, you will receive 3 points of experience for each mushroom, which will greatly accelerate your progress. The same is true of killing other players: the experience will grow.
Red mushrooms in the margin Warpix io ​​make up for you HP. And attacking the yellow highlighted area of ​​the field, you lose 5 HP per second! Among the chosen skills there is one that increases the health factor that red mushrooms will fill you with – also a very useful thing.
The game pleases with the ability to customize the character. You can create your own unique image! And in the store you can buy wigs, heads and everything else for even more choices.

WASD to move
Click for shooting

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