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The game “Warscrap.io” is a multi-player 3D shooter. Players organize their group to resist crowds of alien invaders. The main goal is to protect the earth from the aliens and survive on their own. You can not kill your companions, you can only cooperate with them. Destroy enemies, getting from them all sorts of useful bonuses. From each defeated enemy hearts fall out, replenishing the health reserve, or chests with weapons or bulbs of green color.
All these things can be spent on further pumping your character. During the battle you need to coordinate your actions with the rest of the gamers. It is important not to leave your enterprises without protection, chasing the whole crowd after one alien. Play in one bunch – it’s interesting. The game “Warscrap.io” is a rather original shooter, which goes beyond traditional toys. Controls: WASD keys – move, space – jump, left mouse click – attack, right – change armament, R – reload.

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