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The game “Wazana.io” is a unique strategy, where you will have to create a base, manage resources and conquer new territories. The simplicity and accessibility of the interface will make it easy to play, both to the inexperienced beginner and professional. There are detailed 3D maps and original game mechanics that will make you spend more than one hour understanding the features and nuances.
At the very beginning, you can choose one of the available three starting fractions. It must be taken into account that each of them differs not only in style, but also in benefits. Then we determine the type of the base city, each of which also has special bonuses. The game “Wazana.io” is focused on obtaining energy and matter, which are collected with the help of extractors, and then use at their own discretion.
For example, to buy buildings, upgrades and military units. It begins with the construction of facilities and the development of technology, then begins to create their own troops, to fully armor against the enemy. The use of special skills will also play a role in the battlefield. Control – mouse. Left key – to perform various actions, right – to order a device for movement.

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