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The game “Wilds.io” is a new multiplayer product of the followers of agar.io and slasher. Here, you can play with dozens, or even hundreds of players from all over the globe. As soon as you enter the field, you will notice that you already have the flag of your native country. That’s why you can not fall face in the mud and you need to fight to the last. Ready for feats? Then, welcome to the Middle Ages. In the game “Wilds.io”, you are transported back to the ancient times of knights and raubritters. You have to survive among hundreds of enemies who will hunt for you every second. To defeat rivals, you need to call to the aid all your agility and maneuverability. So, as the enemies around you constantly rotate, you must be as alert and always ready to attack. On the field there will be enemies of different races and sizes. Try to avoid direct attacks of large opponents and attack sharply and lightning fast. Be fast and combine force attacks with jerks. This will help you discourage the knights and take them by surprise. For every loser player, you will receive fifteen percent of his total weight, which is sometimes, oh, like, a lot. A particularly dangerous enemy is a bear. This burglar does not spare anybody and it’s better to stay away from his paws. There will be a lot of bonuses and weapons on the playing field. It is in your interest to grab these riches before other players do. Use all your skills and tricks to win and become a real champion of “Wilds.io”. Good luck, hero!

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