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f you dreamed of flying high – high and looking at the clouds near, then this game you will like. In the game “”, you will control a super high-speed military fighter. Your main task is to survive at any cost and destroy enemies. So, as this is a multiplayer game, you will compete with players from all over the world. Access to the World Wide Web is now everyone’s and a person from any corner of the world can become your opponent in an air battle. Before you start, you should concentrate and call on all your agility and resourcefulness. You will swiftly dissect clouds, but enemies will not graze the rear. Be extremely careful and do not let yourself be shot. Periodically, players will be given help. Straight from the sky on parachutes will go down weapons and other bonuses. Forward enemies and try first and grab a tidbit. It will be very difficult, because the opponents will be on the storm and will constantly try to shoot you. But how could they cope with such an ace as you? Of course not! Forward to the victory!

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