Spread the love is a game of getting … magic! So, you are a powerful magician, who needs to acquire new spells and strengthen them. But be careful – you are not alone!

How to play: The task in Magi is to become the coolest magician. For this you need to do several things. The objects on the map give you experience, resources and new spells as you mine them. And resources, experience and spells appear around the object that you dub. Make time to collect them in time, so that they will not be taken by someone else! For the levels obtained in you grow in the amount of health and mana. But to pump magical characteristics, you need gold and crystals. You find these usefulness by hitting objects on the map. Although another sure way to get things is breaking up chests, gold and ordinary. After one chest is broken, it appears on the map elsewhere.
 To fight with others and cunks in you need to learn how to use magic. In the lower right corner, you will see the yellow Spell Setting button, where you will see all your spells. From the reserve, you can drag them to the active line. Some of them are passive and just reinforce you, and some need to be activated to fight them. They are activated by either a click or buttons 1-5. Those spells in Magical Io that you like and which you want to improve require resources to improve. In the magic menu, click on the spell and click Upgrade. Each spell can be improved many times, adding to it destructive power and lowering the price of its use.

Control: Click to move

Space for basic attack

1-5 for using magic

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