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Xplo.io and this is the most explosive of all games. And all because in the game, in addition to the keyboard and mouse, grenades and mines are available for firing rivals. At first glance it might seem that this is just a modification of Agario. So it is, but it is worth admitting, this is a curious modification.

How to play :

in Xplo.io I The main task, as in many games, is to score as many points as possible during the game. Use grenades to destroy someone and leave mines when you need to get rid of the pursuer. Do not forget that mines can blow up not only the enemy, but you too. There are 3 types of points in Xplo.io and that can be collected: blue is protection glasses, they can be no more than 100%, but even when you reach the maximum, you still get points of rating black give +1 grenade in the arsenal of brown give +1 min. Points add rating points.
 Management in Xplo.io

Mouse to move

W to install mines Spacebar to throw a grenade

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