Y8 Space Snakes

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The game “Y8 Space Snakes” is a continuation of the famous Slither.io. Here you control a space snake, which travels through the expanses of our Galaxy. Enemies here are myriad. Each kind of snake-like creature has its own characteristics and combat qualities. At the very beginning, you can choose any of the snakes to play for it, and then already conquer the open space. Collecting colored balls, you can grow your pet to a considerable size.
One should beware of asteroids and other heavenly bodies. But they can be shot and pick up the particles that fall out of them. Collision with a more powerful enemy, also bears death. But quickly moving and aiming shooting, there is a chance to survive and win. The game “Y8 Space Snakes” is available, both in multiplayer mode, and in single. Controls: Left-click to shoot, space to increase speed.

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