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zorelit.io is a splendidly made space shooter. Rise to the captain’s bridge, we go to deep space!
How to play:

Your combat mission in zorelit.io is the first line in the ranking of players. First you have to choose the type of ship and choose its coloring.

In addition to the appearance, ships differ in weapons and spetsumeniem by default. In the process of the game you will understand what kind of weapons you like and what special skills are more useful in combat. Get into the enemy is a kind of attraction, because you can not instantly turn, some more time you will still move by inertia.
The strength of weapons and spetsumeniya increases with the level. Level points can be obtained by destroying rivals or crushing asteroids. The remaining yellow points after the destruction are experience points. In addition to the yellow points there are still green. These are health points that are appropriately restored by HP.
The game provides an opportunity to fix its trajectory of motion and this is very useful, especially when shooting asteroids, so that mouse movements do not take your ship off the road.
On the map in zorelit.io scattered weapons and special equipment. Keep in mind that by taking a new weapon, you lose the old one.
And the last one, who killed you, is marked on the map with a red skull, so if you want to take revenge, you can easily calculate the offender by the minimap. Similarly, you can hunt the top player, which is designated by the crown.

Management in zorelit.io
Moving and aiming with a mouse
click or Q shoot
Right click or W to use the specialization
Space bar to fix the trajectory of motion
1-4 Using Emoji

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