is a unique io game that combines and right away. Enjoy the clarity and beauty of this dynamic and powerful little thing!
How to play:
The goal of the game in is to take a leading position among the players and stay in the first place for as long as possible. The bigger you are, the cooler! To increase the size, eat the points that lie on the field and other smaller players. And if the kids run away from you, it does not matter, split in half and intercept them in this way. The main thing in Agar Paper io is not to risk in vain. Share only if there are no major rivals nearby. Do not chase the same player for a long time. Pinch your opponents against the wall and eat when they have nowhere to run. Beware of the green spiky squares – these are the viruses that will smash your cell. But if you overfeed the virus with a mass (W), then it will burp its copy in the opposite direction from you. So you can destroy the strong players who pester you with persecution.

The character moves behind the cursor.
Spacebar to split
W to spit

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