Spread the love is an advanced multiplayer shooter about airplane battles. It will be necessary to conduct an air battle, collect the pumping points and become a real lightning in the sky!

How to play: A combat mission in Eirmash is to get to the Top on points. To do this, you need to destroy the combat vehicles of other players and not die yourself, because for each loss from you are written off points. The rules are that when you kill an opponent, you get a percentage of his points. And when you destroy your plane, then you are also debited from the percentage of your points. And if you die, being a leader, you can quickly lose your position as king. In there is a possibility of pumping. After crashed planes sometimes there are boxes. For each such box you can pump out one of its characteristics: Speed, Armor, Restoration of Energy, Speed ​​of rockets. The characteristics are on the left along the edge of the screen. After your death, part of the pumped characteristics remains, part of it disappears. Each of the aircraft has a unique ability that allows it to survive. It is worth trying all the planes to choose the most suitable for you. Helicopter. He is very fast, but he has very little health, but he can release many missiles, but they are weak enough. Nevertheless, its speed often decides the outcome of the battle! Fighter. Pressing shift or ctrl, you will accelerate. Enough is strong, rockets are powerful. Goliath. A special skill, activated by shift or ctrl, is a cloud that discards enemy rockets from Goliath. A lot of hp and very powerful missiles, but extremely slow speed, which makes it an easy target. Stormtrooper. In terms of speed and hp, he has average values, and for shift or ctrl he releases 3 missiles at once. Stealth. Quite unhurried, medium-strength missiles. Health is slightly less than that of the Fighter and the Sturmovik. But the activated shift or ctrl ability to be invisible makes it a terrific killer. Invisibility dissipates when you shoot, or when the enemy gets into you. You noticed that the battle is taking place over the map of the World. In the region of Europe there is a dedicated square, in which there is a super bonus of unprecedented power, which strengthens your ship with additional missiles during the shot. Look closely at the mini-map. Red dots marked enemy aircraft. And the battles are constantly going over Europe precisely because there is this super bonus! If you want to select another aircraft during the game (without being killed), then you need to fulfill 2 conditions. First, you must stand quietly for at least 2 seconds. Second – you must have a full health reserve. If the conditions are met – click on the icon of another aircraft on the left side of the screen, and you will be reborn.

Controls: WASD to move

shift or ctrl to activate the ability

Spacebar to shoot

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