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introducing to your attention, another new multiplayer is a combination of many in one. The developers went beyond the others and took the best of each. But all the same, the main goal is to throw bombs at others. It is not necessary to get into the enemy, enough to explode next to him, and he completes the mission, starting all over again.

On the map there are no friends, all who play, will try to get into you. If this happens, then your character will not be an exception and will end the game. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to react quickly, to identify the first enemy who carries the maximum threat and to neutralize it. After a successful attack, collect the bonuses that remain from the opponent. With their help, you need to constantly upgrade the hero. You can increase speed, range, power.

The management of Bombs is pretty simple. For movement use, AWSD or arrows: up, down, left, right. Drop the bomb: we pinch the left mouse button or spacebar, thereby choosing the direction and range of the throw. Upgrade of the character: 1 number of charges, 2 blast radius, 3 movement speed, 4 recharge time. To rise in the rating table, collect on the map glasses: blue pieces floating in the air.

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