Physics is both entertaining and informative. When boring school lessons or university lectures turn into an unbearable pastime, there is nothing more beautiful than “”. This application is useful to fans of physical laws, and it provides a chance to test them visually, and not just put the experiment in your head. Even more fun is that you’re not the only person in the arena – because users are happy to share their own universe with everyone.
In order to join someone, choose a room that is open to access (there is no lock). Of course, there are exceptions – when the game is closed for the majority, and you can work in pairs or trinity. Do you know how you can call this video gig if you do not remember her first name? Physics-Pong. Perhaps it even better reflects the essence of gaming, because you really have to literally juggle yourself and the guys-opponents.
Remember, in “” you have plenty of enemies, and to remain yourself, they must be deafened and forced to fall. Adjust the fall is difficult, but the rest of gamers will not wait for them to overtake the bitter fate. Watch the characters on the screen and move yourself to a variety of positions.
Kill no one needs – the game is not cruel. It’s a great warm-up for the brain, even if you lose a few rounds. Do not worry, here experience is quickly gained, especially if the opponent is strong, and your skills are too miserable to set up an appropriate response. Move with arrows, do not give up and everything will be.

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