is a new game created by the developer LapaMauve. You certainly played in his games, such as, and other cool games. If you played Star Wars, it will be easier for you to understand, nevertheless, is an original game with original gameplay and excellent musical accompaniment. The real evolution of the stalker! Build your own shelter!

How to play:

Your task is to survive in any way. In this case, it does not mean not to get caught by rivals, but also not to die of hunger, cold and dehydration. It is necessary to closely monitor the level of indicators and other. As soon as any of them is reset, the standard of living will begin to decrease very quickly.
So, the first thing you need to understand about is how and where to get water, food and build a fire. Next, you can start building a shelter and craft everything you need for it. At the top of the screen, you’ll see the inventory menu button. Let’s see what is there:

skills – you can improve the visibility or capacity of the inventory for the points of experience

Kraft – various crafts for which have not made a separate group

Clothing – hats and other clothing that gives a variety of buns

Buildings – elements for building a shelter, walls, doors, etc.


weapon-plants and seeds to grow food independently

And you probably noticed in the a badge of radiation? Yes, at some point, the onset of radiation will begin, and you should be ready for this at any time!

control in

Arrows or WASD to move

Left click to hit/collect

Shift to accelerate

E to interact with objects (for example, to take something)

C for crafting or skills

M to open the map

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