Spread the love is a new io game with a curious concept. First of all, this is an economic strategy. We will pump water earning cash. The more water we pump through the constructed pipe system, the more money you earn in the Gallons io.

How to play:

Your task at is to make as much money as possible. This can be done by pumping water from the ponds through the central pump. Choose a place for the pump carefully, because then move it will be impossible. And yet, if someone blows your pump, you will immediately lose. Gallons io As you pump in Gallons, you get larger diameter pipes, more powerful weapons, defences, and additional water treatment plants. The stations can be used for cleaning, as well as for heating water, which has a positive effect on the flow rate through the pipes (= increases the flow rate of money). The water in the ponds in Gallons io is not infinite, so plan ahead that at one point the water in the nearby water bodies will end and will have to compete for resources with neighbours. Just like in life 🙂


WASD to move
Mouse over camera
Left click to build and attack right click on an object in the list to rotate it
Scroll or buttons 1-9 to select an item

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