is a classic online io game in the style of Battle Royale. Land, find boxes of ammunition and weapons, take refuge in buildings and hunt all enemies!

How to play:
The mission of is to become the only survivor of the battle. The first thing you need to get weapons. On the map, it is lying just like that inboxes. Look for boxes. Look in every house where they are likely to be. Collect the most powerful weapons and be sure to take first-aid kits. The survival area of ​​Kize io is constantly being reduced. In the red area, you will quickly die, so navigate the minimap and go closer to the center to choose a convenient place for ambush and defense. Try to enlist the support of another player to fight against enemies together… and then find out which of the two of you is stronger. Good luck
WASD for movement
Shooting Click
F for taking items
E to open the drawer

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