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Welcome to Lordz Conquest, the new io game strategy. Build the largest army to capture the map and conquer new territories, expand your kingdom and unlock the best heroes!
The system of heroes with special powers – cavalry units – tons of new buildings. (Build walls to protect your base from other players) – advanced formation system and much more!

W, A, S, D or mouse control: movement

Click anywhere: attack the nearest building

Click on a building: attack this building

E or right click: activate force

Spacebar: Split

B: Build Menu U: Menu, Blocks, P: Forming Menu, G: Unit Upgrade Menu, V: Video With Reward Over Watch,

C: Change Formation, M: Show Mini-Map, L: Show Leaderboard

Enter: Open Chat

Esc: Pause menu

First build a castle. Once you have a lock, you can dial the basic units in the units menu (U).

Build a stable to get cavalry units, the Academy for magicians and the Monster’s Lair for Dragons.

Build a blacksmith shop for access to block updates.

Build archery towers or Mage Towers and upgrade them to protect your base, and build a large wall around it to be even safer!

You can win a lot of gold and victory points, destroying the buildings of other players. If you win enough victory points, you will discover new territories in conquest mode.

Hint: use the formation system to place your soldiers inside your own army. For example, if you want your archers to be in the center of your army to protect your hero, or on the outskirts of a city army, in order to have a greater range.

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