Microgravity.io is not just a shooter. This is a whole set of genres, collected together for you on isiogames.com. This is a full-fledged strategy flavored with the effect of gravity! Great game from the guys from the studio FLUXR.

How to play:

Your main task in Microgravity.io is to become the most powerful or at least weighty player in the universe. The universe is filled with planets, the largest and most delicious of which is in the center. To begin with, it would not be bad to colonize any planet. To do this, you need to build a city there. In general, the game has 4 types of buildings: City, Mine / Combine Production of weapons. Protective constructions. Cities provide labor for working in factories. Mines and combines allow extracting resources (oil, metal and uranium). Production of weapons is necessary for the production of weapons, respectively. Protective facilities to protect their planet from the invaders. In order to build and produce in the Microgravity.io, I need resources. They can be mined crushing asteroids, and later building up the planet mines and rocking chairs for oil. Do not forget to build weapons factories and towers to protect them. In addition, the game provides alliances. And we all know well that the alliance is always stronger than the single hero. So unite and fight to the last in Microgravity.io.


WASD or arrows to navigate
Mouse for aiming
Left click or Spacebar to shoot
Shift to speed up T or Enter for a chat
QE or numeric buttons for switching between weapons
Right click for direct traction
Click on the wheel for reverse traction
R for the alliance window

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