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Orbity.io is a game about space launches. It will be necessary to lift the rocket from Earth and correct the orbit so that it remains on the fly, does not crash into space debris and other players.

How to play: Orbity.io offers two game options. The first for the game in the guest mode – just rise above the Earth and wind rounds, adjusting the course to get out into the leaders. The leader is marked with a blue circle. The second version of the game for those who registered. Here you will alternately perform different missions, earn points for the upgrade of the ship … and otherwise the same – carefully adjust the course, so as not to fit into anything. Periodically, Orbity.io pops up messages about rewards. For example, one of the awards is given for the destruction of the leader. That means you need to rocket your rocket in a blue circle. It is very easy to do this from the start, when the leader will fly by. At first, control will seem unrealistic, but soon you will catch a neat manner of control, in which the trajectory of your movement will be circular. Remember that if you lock Shift while you give up gas, then you will add less to the strength of the movement and more accurately you can calculate the trajectory of the movement.

Control: W or left click for takeoff / acceleration

Spacebar or right click to deploy the ship 180 degrees (available only after the upgrade) A and D to add an angle to your flight path

Ctrl to change the view of the view camera Clamp the Shift in order to add to the trajectory a little

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