Spread the love invites us to play golf in an unusual setting. Feel yourself the captain of the astronaut team, which participates in the launch of the manned device!

How to play:

The only goal in is to reach the small planet with its flying machine, which is at the very end of a chain of planets of various sizes. Each round lasts 80 seconds, and the special chic is not just to win it, ahead of your opponents, but also to spend as few blows as possible to achieve the goal. The impact in is considered the launch of the ship’s engines, which push it in your chosen direction. So, your ship to does not move so much with the engines, but with the help of the gravitational fields of the planets. In fact, by the engines we just correct the trajectory of the ship. And if your ship flies out of the map, then you start from the planet that last landed. With the management of will have a little poobyknutsya, but it’s pretty simple. And the rounds are randomly generated each time from the set of planets prescribed by the authors, so that each game will be unique. Good luck!


Shape the arrow in the direction you want to send your ship

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