YORG.io is a game in solitary mode for survival. The whole map is a resource base, on which we have to evolve and resist the attacks of zombies!

How to play :

The task in YORG.io is to survive for as long as possible. After you put the Base, you will need to guard it. If the Base is destroyed, then you lost and can only send your friends a screenshot with the number of days that you managed to hold out.
The network is the key word for describing the processes that take place in YORG.io. You need to extract resources, connect them to the network with the factories, connect the factories with the production of ammunition, and they in turn connect to the defensive towers. Thus, you will provide your towers with ammunition and will be able to resist the attacks of zombies. Following the step-by-step recommendations of the game, you will quickly understand how, what and where to build. To promote the construction and the opening of new upgraded buildings, you need to do upgrades to the Base. The maximum number of upgrades is 7. When your Base is at the maximum level, you can build any structure up to the seventh level. It is especially important to pump into the Yorg io resource mines so that they will extract more resources. And you can connect several mining mines to the same field! In the phase of the day you rebuild, and in the phase of the night you attack the zombie Jorgoy. They want to base, so you can look for patterns in their attacks and build more protection where necessary. It happens that in some places you can not worry about defense at all and feel great. After a night attack the HP of your buildings will be restored to the maximum absolutely free of charge.


WASD to navigate the overview

A hotkey for building / upgrading a building is written on the icon of each building

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