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Zombs.io is a 2d tower defense game in which you have to build and survive, defending against the attacks of numerous zombie waves. The following are the basic rules that explain how to play Zombs.io

Fundamental rules
1. Immediately after spawn (appearance in the game), the player gets invulnerability for a few seconds. This time can be used to, for example, look around.

2. Until the “Gold Stash” is built, zombies will not attack. Stock up more resources before starting construction. Build a “Gold Stash” next to a tree and a stone (an endless source of resources), away from the stones of monsters and other players.

3. Zombs.io has day and night. Zombies will attack as soon as night falls.

4. To start mining gold, build the “Gold mines” next to the gold depository. Gold is needed to pump up buildings and buy tools, weapons, clothes, etc. in the store.

5. Build a defense around the “Gold Stash”. Create walls and battle towers/turrets.

6. When enough gold is accumulated, pump out the “Gold stash” (click on it with the cursor) to unlock the new level of all buildings. After that, any building can be upgraded. Pumping towers and turrets, you increase their characteristics: strength and damage inflicted (in towers).

7. You can sell any building, coma “Gold stash”. After buying and placing, it can not be sold or moved.

8. Dying, you lose 25% of all available resources. Death is not permanent, you will appear next to the “Gold stash”.

9. The game will be over when “Gold shash” is destroyed.

How to win in Zombs.io – tactics
1. The place where the “Gold stash” is built will be the center of your base. The rest of the buildings should be placed close to it. As it is to the Gold stash that zombies will break through.

2. Build the base so that trees and stones are part of the protective structures. This is beneficial, because they can not be destroyed.

3. First, always pump “Gold stash” and “Goldmines” to get as much gold as possible. This is important, because all upgrades and purchases in the store require gold.

4. Before raising the “Gold stash” to the next level, pump all the towers to the maximum. As for the walls and doors – this is optional.

5. The restoration of damaged towers takes much more resources than the restoration of walls. Therefore, it is reasonable to protect each tower with walls.

6. Walls can be upgraded to level 1 below other buildings up to level 6.

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